Superhero Meetup

UPDATE: I realized too late in the build, that I had made this an entirely male cast. With that, I have already started designing a female version (see below), which I am hoping to have done in time and be able to join in the silent auction.

This diorama is a tribute to current Enlisted and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces. It is a mashup that I created using some key superheroes from the Wicked and B3dserk teams, with an added Enlisted man, to round out the group. It is made to resemble a classic tshirt and similar art honoring those who serve. Itself, was a take off of an older photo of some workers having a lunch break on the raw I-beams of a new construction hi-rise. I have included the original 3d design video below.

Most of the work that I do, I do as a single piece. Many other people that do 3d printing, and even finished pieces, make multiples of a single print, and sell lots of copies of the same thing. I have preferred to do one and move onto the next. This piece is different. I have started out doing two of the same out of the gate, so to speak. The first (1 of 2) is being sent to Ft. Leonard Wood for their Fort FanDom convention. The second (2 of 2) is going with me to MotorCity ComicCon, both of which will be happening on the same weekend, March 18/19 of 2024. The one going with me will be sold in a silent auction style, with a portion of the sale being donated to Semper Fi and America’s Fund.

If you would like to purchase a commission of this piece, it is 18 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 10 inches deep, and you can choose either of the stock casts, or mix-and-match (up to 6 sitting characters plus one of either spider characters). Male cast includes: Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Soldier, Black Panther, Iron Man and Superman. Female cast includes: Storm, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel, Agent Carter, Black Widow, Black Panther Shuri and Supergirl.

Lastly, with this piece, I have introduced a Veteran’s Discount that is on any commissioned work. As a final side note, a portion of the sale of any commission of this piece will be donated to Semper Fi and America’s Fund.

UPDATE: New all-female cast: Storm, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel, Agent Carter, Black Widow, Black Panther Shuri and Supergirl.